rsudo: now on

A command-line tool that I wrote for running commands on multiple machines as root over ssh – rsudo – is now available on SourceForge. Hopefully this project will fare a little better than clutch did; rsudo has the twin benefits of being useful to someone now (as opposed to being a “solution in search of a problem”, as clutch was) as well as actually being used in a production environment for the last couple of years (note the Production/Stable development status). So, if you find yourself needing to run commands as root on multiple remote machines (don’t we all? ;-)) then check it out!


Clutch gets a web site

Clutch gets a web site!I’ve taken a bit of time to post an initial web site for Clutch. Unfortunately, it’s mostly just placeholders and there isn’t much information there – some text, a link to the API doc, and links to the stuff hosted by SourceForge (SVN access, etc.) – but it’s a start!

Clutch: released (finally!)

At long last, I’ve finally gotten my act together and released Clutch – the project that I’ve been developing over the last year or two as a part of my Master’s thesis work – on “What is Clutch?”, you ask? Well, according to the project page:

Clutch is a Java framework for distributed computing using mobile agents. It is meant to be a scalable toolkit that can be used to distribute computation across an arbitrary number of nodes.

Note that this description is likely to change slightly, as my advisor has an aversion to the work “framework” as applied to this particular project. (Long story…don’t ask…) At any rate, despite the fact that I now have a mountain of work ahead of me – code audit, initial checkin, documentation…oh God, documentation! –  it’s exciting that I finally have the opportunity to move beyond the potential licensing nightmare (another long story…) that I was facing and actually publicly release my project.