Ubuntu 6.10 – "Edgy Eft" – released

Ubuntu 6.10 was released yesterday. Yes, I know that I’m a day behind…but better late than never, right? I’ve only had a little bit of time to play with it, but thus far I like what I see. It never fails to amaze me how many minor UI modifications can be made to this distribution in 6 months. Time after time, all of these little things add up to a fresh new look and feel for the Ubuntu desktop. As usual, if you already have Dapper installed you can upgrade to Edgy by changing your apt sources file; click here for details on upgrading your Ubuntu install.

Interesting to note (and somewhat disappointing) is that ShipIt – Ubuntu’s free CD request site – is not providing free Edgy Eft CDs at this time. Rather, it is offering free 6.06 LTS CDs and pointing the users looking for 6.10 to the download page. I’m hoping that this will change at some point in the near future, as I have used ShipIt to get Ubuntu CDs for every release thus far. I like the cover art of Ubuntu-provided CDs for two reasons – it is aesthetically pleasing, and it makes Ubuntu a much easier sell to Joe User who looks mistrustfully on my burned CDs in a plastic case.


IEs 4 Linux

IEs 4 Linux (seen here) is a small script that automagically downloads and installs Internet Explorer on a Linux machine. I was skeptical that it would “Just Work” ™, but I decided to give it a shot, and it did Just That. Ubuntu instructions:

$ apt-get install wine cabextract && ./ies4linux

Just answer the prompts and IE will be installed on youir machine, complete with a script for running it in your $HOME/bin directory and a shortcut on your desktop (which I promptly deleted…but hey, some people like desktop icons…) Most impressive.

Gumstix: More TeenyTiny Linux Boxen

gumstix_netstix_200xm-cf-thm.jpgI just wish they’d start making these things a little cheaper…

Ohio LinuxFest Getting Closer, Now Has Blog


By now I’d imagine that they’ve gotten most of their sponsors lined up, the schedule appears to be just about complete, and other blogs are starting to buzz about it a bit (including a digg party last night). I was pleased to see that Jorge Castro will be speaking again, and I’m looking forward to seeing John “maddog” Hall’s keynote. I’m also interested in seeing what the various speakers have to say about virtualization, since that seems to be the “in thing” these days. Of course, this year I’m approaching the LinuxFest from a different perspective and looking for different things – less “Linux Rules!” community stuff and more sysadmin nitty-gritty – but I s’pose I had to grow up some time. …and I’ll still be checking out some “Open Source Hippy” stuff… 😉

One thing that I just found out today – registration is important this year, as there is a hard limit on the number of people who can attend: 1,968. Not sure how many have registered yet, so register today!

Ohio LinuxFest 2006

I recently signed up for the 2006 Ohio LinuxFest, which will be taking place on September 30 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. I went for free last year and had a great time just checking out all the open source community “hippy” stuff and snatching up free swag. (“Yes, I would like your tri-colored triangle hilighter!”) This year “All-Conference Passes” can be purchased for $65, so I went ahead and got one on account of them saying that I would likely get even more free swag! Well…I guess it’s not exactly free per se…but I’m focusing on the “more” part. Also, I’ll most likely be checking out more of the enterprise stuff that they have to offer this year. If you’re in/around Columbus on September 30th and you’re interested in Linux, you should check it out!

Micro Machines

No, not those itty-bitty cars we all knew and loved from the 80’s. I’m talking about two miniature computers thta I happened to catch a glimpse of in the various nerd and gadget rags that I subscribe to.

x270-cm-l-top-antena-m.jpgThe first, I’ll admit, I had a hard time figuring out at first glance. “Are those joysticks?” I thought to myself. Silly ol’ Cliff – they’re nothing of the kind. They’re wireless antennae for this wee linux machine, which sports up to a 520 MHz processor and 128MB RAM. All this sweet silicon goodness for “below $50!”

zypad.jpgThe second machine was a little easier to identify with; what kid hasn’t dreamed of having some kind of Secret Decoder/Communicator/Spy Watch? While this one comes with a screen, it’s a little more clunky, has slightly more anemic specs (400MHz, 64MB RAM), and is sure to get you some rather odd looks at that party you’re headed to this weekend. …not to mention its rather hefty pricetag of 1000 Euro. Still, I can’t help but give the thing a solid A+ for nerd appeal.

Oh…and did I mention that both of these run linux? 🙂

Dapper Multimedia

First, you’ll want to set up your apt sources like so. Then, run this apt-get command (ed: minus skype and realplay), and (theoretically) your multimedia will all Just Work ™.