Difference Engine No. 2

Difference Engine No. 2My God…this thing is just incredible. …and there’s actually a video of it working!


Beautiful Wooden PC

EnlightenI generally try to stay away from gadget blogs, since for the most part they are high-volume, low yield time sucks – in short, they are the very reason that the mark all as read button was ever created. (Go back through any gadget blog’s archives around the time the iPhone was released and you’ll see what I mean). However, yesterday the folks at Gizmodo reminded me why I haven’t removed them from my feedreader (yet): Suissa’s Wooden Enlighten PC. Keep on posting like that, Giz, and I’ll be marking all your posts as “read” for a long time to come.

A 20" Widescreen Monitor for How Much?

dell-e207wfp-thumb.jpgA cool $289 will pick you up one of these badboys. Nice.

Update: In a spectacular display of one-upmanship, MicroCenter has decided to offer the X20WC-Gamer 20″ (from Sceptre) for a cool $229. Note that this is not one of MicroCenter’s typical “$500 purchase with $270 worth of mail-in rebates” deals; the monitor is $229 (plus tax) out-of-pocket.

Gumstix: More TeenyTiny Linux Boxen

gumstix_netstix_200xm-cf-thm.jpgI just wish they’d start making these things a little cheaper…

Seamless 3-monitor Display

radius320_display.jpgI’ve used 2 (sometimes 3) monitors at my desktop for so long now that I’ve come to consider having a second display indispensable. One of the problems with using more than one monitor is the bezels; no matter how closely together one places the displays or how carefully angled, there is always a split somwhere in the middle. Enter the Radius 320 – a 50″ diagonal 4800×1200 monster of an LCD display…with no seams! There is no pricetag evident on the site; I take this to mean, “If you have to ask…”

Micro Machines

No, not those itty-bitty cars we all knew and loved from the 80’s. I’m talking about two miniature computers thta I happened to catch a glimpse of in the various nerd and gadget rags that I subscribe to.

x270-cm-l-top-antena-m.jpgThe first, I’ll admit, I had a hard time figuring out at first glance. “Are those joysticks?” I thought to myself. Silly ol’ Cliff – they’re nothing of the kind. They’re wireless antennae for this wee linux machine, which sports up to a 520 MHz processor and 128MB RAM. All this sweet silicon goodness for “below $50!”

zypad.jpgThe second machine was a little easier to identify with; what kid hasn’t dreamed of having some kind of Secret Decoder/Communicator/Spy Watch? While this one comes with a screen, it’s a little more clunky, has slightly more anemic specs (400MHz, 64MB RAM), and is sure to get you some rather odd looks at that party you’re headed to this weekend. …not to mention its rather hefty pricetag of 1000 Euro. Still, I can’t help but give the thing a solid A+ for nerd appeal.

Oh…and did I mention that both of these run linux? 🙂

How many USB ports?

usb_hub_01.jpgThirty-one. ‘Nuff said.