Where have I been?

Hard Drive ClockWell, aside from all the weddings – 5 this summer; I was in two, The Wife is in one, and I hosted the reception for one (my sister’s) – I’ve been watching episodes of my new favorite show out of the UK, lusting after new hardware like this hard drive clock and the MicroWulf cluster, and trying to make some headway on both the codebase and documentation for Clutch (the basis for my Master’s thesis). Oh…and let’s not forget WoW and college football (the former of which I seem to have less and less time to play lately). I know, I know…all these are lame excuses for the sort of “blogging by proxy” that I’ve been doing – i.e., sharing things from Google Reader and hoping people will just take a look at my feed. Weak.

Dungeon MapAt any rate, I’ll be trying to post more frequently in the coming weeks. Now that school is starting again, I should have tons of free time, right? Speaking of tons of free time, check out this dungeon map for Colossal Cave Adventure. It’s a pretty impressive map, and must’ve taken quite a while to perfect. It’s just a shame I never had the benefit of using a map while I was actually playing the game (and thus never beat it). Maybe I’ll have to see if I can find it somewhere out there on teh Intarnets…you know, for old time’s sake.

Okay, that’s probably enough for now. Hopefully this post has satisfied Steve’s insatiable RSS appetite and will keep my feed in his aggregator for at least another month or two…