Five Things (Meme Alert!)

Generally I would balk at this sort of chain letter-ish activity, but I ran into Steve – apparently the only one who has put my feed in his aggregator and not gotten sick of posts about tiny linux boxen and LCD displays – for the first time in at least three years just two days after he tagged me, and I feel kind of obligated to…errm…oblige. So, without further ado:

1) I was a “pencil-head” at birth

pencilYes, I know, I’m borrowing heavily from my blogging colleague’s first factoid topic…but it’s true. The problem is that I have what might be referred to as a “Whopping Cranium” – carefully hidden by a copious amount of hair, but gigantic nonetheless. After some epic stretch of time spent in labor, my mother finally gave birth to a son with an extremely pointed dome. This prompted my older cousins and uncles (affectionately?) to refer to me as “peanut/pencil head”, “the coniferous”, and “mountain whop”. (I have no idea what that last one even means, but I know it embarassed the hell out of me and was quite amusing to my teenage uncle when I was growing up).

2) I went to Cancun on my honeymoon

CancunThe only time that I’ve been out of the US (Canada doesn’t really count) was spent waking up around 7 or 8 in the morning, walking from our room in the resort to the pool, and swimming around for an hour or two complaining about the swim-up bars not opening until 9AM. After a few drinks, it was time to hit the buffet and then play some beach volleyball (what better time to get out of the pool and get all sandy than noon in Mexico?). Then…back to the pool until dinner time. This was the agenda for most of our time there, but we also managed to squeeze in some water aerobics (more fun – and exhausting! – than one might imagine), water basketball, and an all-day snorkeling and site-seeing trip to the Isle de Mujeres, or “The Isle of Women”. This turned out to be a bit of a misnomer, since we left our adults-only topless-optional resort only to find that the island was seemingly inhabited primarily by small Mexican men whose main goal in life was to get us “the best price anywhere” on jewelery and stone Mayan/Aztec calendars. Anyhow, I digress…

3) I was a wrestler in high school

Hulk HoganI wrestled my Sophomore and Junior years in high school. I wasn’t very good – some of those guys started when they were 4 years old, and I was too busy being an awkward teenager to pay much attention – but I will say that I was in the best shape of my life. 2-3 hours 6 days a week working in the weight room and on the mat, plus a few days a week rolling around in the “Power Wrestling Club” in the off-season will have that effect. Oh…and not to toot my own horn, but I took first place at a JV tournament wrestling in the 171-pound weight class. “How much did you weigh at the time?” you ask? 145 pounds. HA! I pwned that guy!

4) I play World of Warcraft

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a giant nerd. As if the BS in Computer Science (or the pending Masters), my past track record of playing Dungeons & Dragons, and the fact that I like Pure Pwnage weren’t proof enough, my current WoW addiction should clue you in. I don’t know why, but the RPG (Role Playing Game, for the uninitiated) genre has always done it for me. For those who play, pst Jaice [42 human warrior], Saranustil [46, almost 47 night elf hunter], or Berune [17 night elf dr00d]. We’ll run an instance.

5) I am a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan

Ohio State BuckeyesAs a current student, alumnus, and child of an alum, this one should more or less go without saying. I like to tell people that I was an OSU fan “from the womb”, since my mom was finishing up her degree while pregnant with me. Also, in about an hour Ohio State will playing in the National Championship game so I thought it necessary to include this particular fact. On that note I’ll leave you with this final parting thought: O-H!

Update: Oops! I s’pose I was supposed to tag some people. Well…that’s gonna have to wait, since I have to get the brats to boilin’. I reserve the right to tag five people of my choosing at a later date…

Update [1/10/2007]: Time to tag a few people. I don’t know a whole lot of people who have blogs (no, MySpace pages don’t count) and of those people not too many of them post regularly (or at all). I guess we’ll see who’s paying attention out there:

  1. Joe
  2. JP
  3. Owen
  4. Jane
  5. Erin

First Post

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