Linux "Wristwatch"

Wearable Linux PC“A European embedded computing specialist has announced a wrist-worn wearable computer that runs embedded Linux…”

Need I say more?


New Background

got root?So, I finally got around to setting the background on my new workstation at work. It’s nothing complex, but you’d be surprised how impossible it is to find something like it on teh Intarwebs. I finally ended up just GIMPing up what I wanted. If anyone has anything better, let me know!

Six heads, six users

6-headed linux systemAt one time I had 2 video cards in my desktop machine so that I could use 2 monitors – this was back in the good old days, before video cards had dual outputs. I also currently have 2 mice and 2 keyboards hooked up to it, since one mouse/keyboard combo is wireless and I don’t want to have to crawl behind the computer if, say, I run out of batteries.

This guy has taken it to a whole new level, though, setting up a machine with 6 heads (monitors), 6 keyboards, and 6 mice…that 6 people can actually use! Of course, once you get 6 people in the same room with all those monitors and video cards (note the monstrous CPU heatsinks) you’re probably going to end up spontaneously combusting within a half hour.

Tux-shaped linux computer: form follows function?

Tux ComputerOkay, so I know that this is semi-old news – I haven’t exactly been the greatest at keeping up with posting lately on account of the new job and school commitments – but I came across the Tux-shaped computer the other day and thought it was worth sharing. Check it out!