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Just how big is the World of Warcraft?

I came across this amusing post on the dimensions of the World of Warcraft today (thank God for BoingBoing!). Some of the methods employed are questionable (one commenter noted that using Blink would be a *much* better way of gaging distances) but it’s good for a laugh.

The longest straight, flat line that an adult human can walk in Azeroth without being interrupted by obstacles, mobs or the Horde stretches from the eastern end of the north parapet of the bridge into Westfall, across Elwynn Forest to the southernmost of the Three Corners in Lakeshire. An adult human walking at a steady pace will cover this distance in 18 minutes and 15 seconds. Humans walk at an average speed of 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles) per hour, and therefore this route is roughly 1.7 kms (1.05 miles) long.

The Noob Comic

Someone drew my attention to The Noob Comic the other day, and I ended up spending the next hour or two “catching up” (there are over 300 comics in the series at present). It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever played (or thought about playing) an MMO. I think I actually laughed out loud when I read the Arsemode comic

Difference Engine No. 2

Difference Engine No. 2My God…this thing is just incredible. …and there’s actually a video of it working!

From Inductio Ex Machina: The Mathematical Grue

Colossal Cave meets nerd humor; this is fantastic stuff: The Mathematical Grue. Non-nerds needn’t apply. Just to give you a taste:

You are sitting before a particularly thorny conjecture.
Possible proofs lead away from here in several directions.

> inventory

You are carrying the following items:
A ream of blank paper
A pencil
The Cauchy-Schwarz inequality
Some half-remembered undergraduate mathematics

I <3 xkcd

Strike that. I reallyxkcd.

First Post

…of the new year (in fact, first post in the last 3 months) is, of course, another great comic from xkcd:

Candy Buttons