Making Cat5 Patch Cables

Cat5 DiagramThis site offers a pretty decent HOWTO on making Cat5 patch cables. Check it out, if you’ve got a crimper and you want to give it a go.


FirefoxFlicks Winners

whee!FirefoxFlicks – a video promotion campaign for my personal favorite browser – has announced the winners of its competition. This one is easily my favorite.

The picoCliuster

picoClusterI was browsing around through a magazine earlier today, and I stumbled across the picoCluster – a 3-node cluster in a formfactor barely higher than a can of Diet Barq’s. That’s not all that the picoCluster’s creator Jeffrey Stephenson has built, though; this guy’s website is chock full of DIY casemods and clusters. Most impressive.

It's been too, too long

BusyAll of you (ha!) out there are saying, “Almost a month without posting! Tsk, tsk! …and you call yourself a proponent of blogging!” Well, I just wanted you all to know that I’m still alive and kicking – just busy as all getout. About the only news that I’ve got is that I installed Windows on my machine at home (and a new DVD burner…old one was shot) so that I can play Oblivion. Dual-boot, of course – I didn’t go completely off the deep end! – with the default OS being Ubuntu.

Now I just have to find the time to play it…