2012: The Year In Which I Get Organized

I came across the (free!) Scription Chronodex the other day (thanks, Lifehacker!) and thought to myself “Hey! There’s a cool idea!” So today I printed it out and spent some time putting it together. I thought folks might be interested in how I went about it, so without further ado:

Step 1: Nail it to a board

nail it to a board

[Actually, I guess Step 1 should have been “Download and print”…] This might not seem like the most standard approach, but I assure you it ended up working out okay in the end. I spaced the nails out about 2″. Note that had I planned this out a little better, I would have taken into account how I was going to bind the thing. This actually ended up working out okay, but next time I’ll plan ahead.

Step 2: Trim the edges

trim it

Just getting rid of the extra junk on the sides…

Step 3: Binding


As I mentioned before, this is where things kind of got hairy. At first I was going to use some beading cord, but as I was wanking around trying to find a needle big enough and figure out how I was going to thread it inspiration struck. My mother-in-law gave me a packet of bobby pins for Christmas (kind of an in-joke), so why not use those? I had to widen the holes a bit to get them to fit, but a little patience and a lot of working the pins back-and-forth got them where I wanted them.

Once this step is complete, it should look something like this:


Notice that by sheer dumb luck the bobby pins happen to be about 2″ long, which makes them line up nicely. Not much to do now but…

Step 4: Make a bookmark


I really liked this idea, so I decided to go ahead and replicate it. I just cut out a bit of a manila envelope, notched it so that I could slide it between the sheets and up to the topmost bobby pin, and voila!

bookmark: in

Step 5: Use it!

That’s really it – just start writing shit down, folks. 🙂


Black & Tan Tool Saves the Day

sad face :-(

Bent spoon, Guiness all over the place...what a mess

A buddy of mine has been working on perfecting his home black and tan-making skills. Unfortunately, despite having bent the bejesus out of one of his spoons and being as careful with his pour as possible this generally resulted in a disastrous waste of Guiness in most cases. To add insult to injury, this also caused a bit of “marital distress” as not only was he warping up the flatware, but he was also dirtying up the kitchen and making it generally reek of booze. Enter the Brütül Black and Tan Turtle.

Black and Tan Turtle

The Lagerhead Black and Tan Turtle

This ingenious little device – pictured here with a friend’s foot (sorry Kass – my crop-fu is weak today) – changes the whole game. I picked one for the aforementioned buddy at this weekend’s Dublin Irish Festival. Note that the head of the turtle is also a bottle opener. Handy! You just pour in your Bass, set the turtle on top of the glass, and pour your Guiness over the shell. I haven’t seen it in action but the salesman assured me that the Guiness would proceed to run down the inside walls of the glass, producing a perfect black and tan every time.

Black and tan Nirvanna: achieved.

happy face :-)

"It's like a party in my mouth"