This Space Reserved

Coffee: check.

Cookies: check.

Ommwriter: check.

Some days, inspiration just doesn’t come. I do have an idea for this space – one that’s already partially-written, in fact – but I’ve got to admit I’m not 100% comfortable posting it just yet. I think I’ve also already got “one foot on the beach”, as it were – vacation next week! – so I’m having a little trouble thinking about much of anything but wrapping things up at work and getting packed. (Incidentally, I doubt very much that I’ll be writing anything at all while I’m in Cancun.)
So…I reserve the right to post something in this space at a later date.

[I know, I know, it’s a cop-out. I’ll try and make it up, though. :-)]


2 Comments on “This Space Reserved”

  1. Joe says:

    Dude, you dont have to make it up. Its a creative release over here brother, not a job 😉

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