Velocity 2010

Okay, so I’d meant to do a day-by-day breakdown of Velocity 2010, but [insert lame excuse here], so…I didn’t. However, now that I’ve had a week or so to “let it simmer”, I’d like to sum up a few of the major themes and undercurrents from the conference. Note that the conference was roughly divided into three flavors of discussion – “Ops”, “Web Performance”, and “Culture”. Of course, being an “ops guy” I focused on the ops-related sessions and tried to fit in as much of the “culture” as I could. (A Day in the Life of Facebook Operations was one of the best talks given, imo, and really touches on a lot of the themes I’m about to talk about below. If you watch no other video from Velocity 2010, watch this one.)

I was going to sum all of it up in one post, but I decided to break it out by theme rather than taking the “wall of text” approach. Hopefully, I’ll get all of it posted in the next couple of days here.

[edit: I was a bit remiss in not posting this link to a collection of videos on of most (all?) of the talks given at Velocity 2010]


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