Velocity 2010: DevOps

DevOps – summarised reasonably concisely here – can be briefly summed up as “tighter integration between devs and ops”. For those of you not in a technical field, pay special attention to the “siloisation” section; I’d wager that anyone who works for a large company in any has seen this sort of “us vs. them” mentality between departments/divisions. The idea behind DevOps is to foster more of a “we’re all on the same team” sort of mindset.

I’d go so far as to say the DevOps was the theme at the conference. The entire three days were essentially a pep rally designed to promote making things “fast by default” not only by using whiz-bang technologies and tweaking your code, but also by culture change within and among IT organizations. (Note: DevOps Day – which I was unable to attend – took place on the Friday after Velocity 2010 in Mountain View and was mentioned several times by the presenters.)


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