A 20" Widescreen Monitor for How Much?

dell-e207wfp-thumb.jpgA cool $289 will pick you up one of these badboys. Nice.

Update: In a spectacular display of one-upmanship, MicroCenter has decided to offer the X20WC-Gamer 20″ (from Sceptre) for a cool $229. Note that this is not one of MicroCenter’s typical “$500 purchase with $270 worth of mail-in rebates” deals; the monitor is $229 (plus tax) out-of-pocket.


2 Comments on “A 20" Widescreen Monitor for How Much?”

  1. E@zyVG says:

    I am planning on replacing my current 19″ Philips LCD with a budget 22″ screen by Acer or Viewsonic.

  2. cliff says:

    The main reason that I haven’t already picked up a widescreen LCD (cost aside) is that I’m worried about the possibility of spending a good deal of money on a monitor that renders lower-quality text than my CRT. As a sysadmin and a computer science Masters student, I spend a looooot of time looking at code; I can’t really afford to have my eyes bleeding because I wanted a sweet wide-aspect monitor…

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