Dapper Drake Released

This is “old news” by now, but Ubuntu 6.06 “Dapper Drake” was released on June 1. The Ubuntu team did things a little differently this time, releasing three CD images: Desktop, Server, and Alternate. I’ve burned all three, but have only had the chance to install Dapper using the Desktop one. “What about the live CD?” you ask. “Did they do away with that?” No, they most certainly didn’t. The Desktop install CD doubles as a live CD; one can boot into a
“live” version of Ubuntu, complete with an Install shortcut directly on the Desktop. Just double-click, make some configuration decisions, and you’re off and running. Check it out!

Oh…and by the way, I’d also recommend checking out this tip sheet on prepping Dapper for everyday use. YMMV, but personally I used about 8 of the tips right off the bat.


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