The Optimus Keyboard

Optimus KeyboardI know that this is kind of “old news” as far as all the gadget blogs and nerd rags are concerned, but the Optimus Keyboard will apparently be launching on February 1. For those not familiar with the Optimus, each key is an OLED display that will show what the given key is used for at the moment. One example might be that it normally displays all of the letter keys in lower-case unless the Caps-Lock or Shift key has been pressed. Another – it could be configured such that when one is playing NetHack, the ‘Z’ key becomes a wand icon. (For those who haven’t played NetHack, the ‘Z’ key is ‘zap’).

The site tells visitors to keep an eye on the main page for further details. All About Linux asks perhaps the most salient question (for me) – “…will it have support for Linux?”


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