Holy Heatsink, Batman

Zalman CoolerI’ve been looking for alternative cooling solutions for my home PC for a while now, as it runs pretty hot. However, most of the ones that I see are water-based, and I’m a little leery of putting anything that uses liquid that close to $3,000 worth of computer equipment. So today when I stumbled across this monstrosity, I caught myself thinking (briefly!), “Hey! Looks like Zalman might be able to help me out!” Part of what changed my mind:

“Drawing a massive 1400W of power, it comes with instructions on how to daisychain five 300W power supplies to feed it and apparently requires ‘starter cartridges’ to get it spinning in the first place…”

Once again, I’m nerd enough to want one, and reasonable enough to not get one…ever.

Update: This is a replica of a considerably smaller – but still impressive! – Zalman CPU fan.


12 Comments on “Holy Heatsink, Batman”

  1. Mickey Eye says:

    It’s fake, it was a model of the significantly smaller CNPS9500 LED on exhibition at Computex 2005.

    And honestly 1400 watts… whats wrong with you people.

  2. simplicitas says:

    Good eye, Mickey…err…Eye. And I’d so wanted this to be real! Oh, well…the real thing is impressive in its own right, even if it’s “significantly smaller” (but still huge, for a CPU fan!) and only draws 5 or 6 watts.

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