Yellow Machine

Yellow MachineThis is (fairly) old news, too, but it came up in conversation today so I thought I’d stick it up here. What you see pictured here is known as the Yellow Machine Terabyte Storage Appliance from Anthology Solutions. It packages up  1TB of RAID-5 storage for $1,299 (or $1,999 for 1.6TB), and has an 8-port 10/100 built in. While Tom’s Hardware gave it a somewhat less-than-glowing review, I’m going to seriously consider it (or something like it) when I buy my next machine. The way I figure it, I’ll get the “best of both worlds” if I cannibalize the components on my current machine (some of which are still the best that money can buy) and only upgrade what needs upgrading.


One Comment on “Yellow Machine”

  1. Simon Reed says:

    I got one of these in Australia and it looked really really good but when I got it the system was so slow, it only performed with a very slow IDE disks config of about 3 megs a second i/o and that is so slow – most NAS now have SATA disk.

    Also have some very big design problems, with power switch that turns it off but you should use a red switch. I turn it off and had 28 hours before it worked again with the RAID have to rebuild!

    I have been try to sell it, might have to use eBay, as it is no good for real use, only good if you want some long term slow storage disk space.

    Better to use Linux with Samba and fast gigabit ethernet if you serious about your files and speed.

    My recomendation is you don’t use it.

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