XBox 360 Architecture

XBox 360 Architecture Nobody who reads this will be interested at all in this (or, to put it in more flattering terms, 100% of my readership will be interested in this), but Jeffery Brown (Chief Engineer for the Xbox360 CPU Chip Development) has released an “introductory” paper on the design of the XBox 360 CPU Architecture. This is some pretty intense hardware – 3 3.2 GHz cores, a 5.4 GHz FSB with 21.6GB/sec bandwidth – and at first glance it looks like Tomasulo had a thing or two to say about its overall design.

If you have any idea what the picture above means (click for full-size), check it out. If not, I’d recommend checking out the comments on /. to find out what the Peanut Gallery has to say about all this…


7 Comments on “XBox 360 Architecture”

  1. the xbox 360 is a cool games console
    i only wish i could get my hands on one of them
    there sold out in europe

    but your right
    this didnt really interest me lol

  2. cliff says:

    Well, it’s not just Europe. They were pretty much sold out everywhere here in the States, too, last I checked…

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  4. they’re great until the red rings o death show up

  5. I’ve had SO many issues with my 360, I’ve basically given up all together.

    I’ve had overheating, the well known “red light of death”, and laser issues.

    Hell, if they could redesign it – then there’d be a lot I would reschedule in the architecture…

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