pure pwnage: Episode 9

That’s right, folks…teh pwnerer and his trusty sidekick Kyle have produced one more episode of nerdy fun. According to TFS, Episode 9 will be screening at the Bloor Cinema at 9:30 tonight. Unfortunately I’ll be unable to attend, as that particular venue happens to be in Toronto, which happens to be in Canada.

No worries, though; the episode will be released on the Intarwebs some time tomorrow evening…which means that by this time Sunday I’ll be wandering around aimlessly singing teh n00b song softly to myself. “Hey n0000bs, I’m going to like totally like pwn you n000000000000bs/Cause I pwn you, like I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff riiiiiiiiiiiiight/I’m going to give you some spanks/Just like you’re like Kyle and you suck ass at all the games you try to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”


One Comment on “pure pwnage: Episode 9”

  1. […] A mere two months from the release of the last episode, and the Pure Pwnage team is doing it again! …and this time, there’s a comic!   […]

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