ASIS&T 2005

I’ve arrived in Charlotte, NC for the ASIS&T 2005 conference. The flight was okay (read: short) other than the 2-hour layover at ATL; one finds some pretty interesting (read: neurotic) people in airport bars.

The Westin Charlotte is a pretty excellent hotel – upon seeing it, my buddy Jopop asked, “You’re staying in the Motorola RAZR?” – and while I haven’t stayed at many hotels, this is one of the nicest hotel rooms that I’ve had. I can attest to the fact that the Heavenly Shower is, in fact, just that.

The downside: wired internet in the room is $10/day, and wireless internet in the public spaces requires a “Group Code”; I’ve been unable to locate said “Code” thus far, but I’ll be investigating it shortly. For now, I’ll just have to keep “posting” to my text editor and hope that a connection to teh Intarwebs presents itself before I get back home.

Update : I seem to have found an access point in the 1st floor lounge. I don’t think that it’s coming from the hotel – I’m most likely hijacking someone’s wireless across the street – but at least it gives me a chance to post and check email…and play my turns on LotGD 🙂


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