Meet the Flockers

…or rather, the “anti-Flockers“:

Fighting the Web 2.0 revolution is important.
It’s about less hipsters on the Internet.
It’s about getting real and less hype.
It’s our blog.

I can’t quite figure out why this guy is so angry about Flock. He’s laid down some pretty fierce invective speech, ranting about topics from fonts on the Flock website to the Flock source code:

…when you break Flock into parts in terms of file size, it is 85% Firefox, 7% of colours matching pink and 2% of the Flock GPL license and 6% percent of .js files. Now isn’t this awesome?

Note that if you are under 18 (or overly sensitive to language consiting of an approx. 75% mix of rather naughty words), you shouldn’t click on any of the above links (save perhaps the one to Flock itself). 🙂


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